Welcome to the Wiki presence of West London Hackspace. When we grow up we’re going to have a permanent 24×7 space in some swanky office/workshop with plenty of parking yet close to main transport links in the heart of West London. There will be well equipped areas for electronics, computing, woodwork, metalwork, crafts, teaching and study, with redundant superfast fibre internet, a fully stocked vending machine, clean loos, a healthy bank account and … a bean-to-cup coffee machine (hey, we can dream). Back in the real world we have a handful of people, no premises and just the tools we can share and the money we’re prepared to put in. But that’s not going to stop us!

We currently have irregular meets in a pub in West Ealing where we discuss mostly electronics, microcomputing and telecoms, show-and-tell our latest shiny (the founders both have pretty serious Banggood and AliExpress habits) and engage in entertaining banter. The plan is to formalise this into more regular meetings somewhere where we won’t get thrown out for getting our Arduinos out and can maybe even engage in some soldering. Then once we have a critical mass of regular members prepared to pay a modest regular contribution we’ll look for somewhere where if not for our sole use we can at least have some secure storage for tools etc

Check out our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WestLondonHackspace/ and the Google Group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/west-london-hackspace where more it’s a lot easier to find a particular post than on Facebook.