Visit to London Hackspace

Many of you have never been to London Hackspace across London near Cambridge Heath. Many will be unaware that their lease hasn’t been renewed so they’re looking for a new home which is isn’t proving to be easy and will probably result in restructuring in some way or ways.

This month is the last month of ‘business as usual’ because in December things start to wind down for moving, storage or disposal. I’m going there tomorrow afternoon for the radio club meeting, and probably again for the next on the first Saturday of December (sorry for the short notice but tomorrow will be more ‘normal’ – if you can use that term in a hackspace). If anyone would like to see the place on one of those visits I’ll show you round and talk about the place, and we usually go for a beer later on where we discuss radio, hacking Arduino stuff, security and pretty much anything.

I’ll be heading up from Northfields station around noon as a bunch of us meet in the caff round the corner but if you’d rather join us later I’ll give instructions how to find us. Message here or privately so I know who to expect or wait for.