Meeting themes

Now the long winter evenings are upon us we thought it would be a good idea to have a theme for most Sunday meetings. Here are a few suggestions, now over to you to express interest and offer anything you could do a mini-workshop on (bearing in mind the constraints of a power, noise etc.)

  • SIP telephony with Asterisk – build a 100 line telephone system for £40 – JJ
  •  Track aircraft activity – build an ADS-B receiver for under £40 – JJ
  •  Introduction to microcomputing with the Arduino or ESP8266/ESP32 – Nigle
  •  Introduction to lock picking – JJ+Nigle
  • Introduction to NeoPixels with a Christmas theme – JJ
  • Intelligent heating – build your own Nest for under £20 – JJ
  • Mass spectroscopy on your laptop – Nigle

Let’s hear your ideas…